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Publication Charges
Submit Your Manuscript

Please notice different policies between Open Access Journals (BIO, CheM, Global Health and Medicine) and other Journal(s) (Architectoni.ca)

Guideline for Manuscript Submission and Process

Please follow the following procedure to submit your manuscript:

1. We now only accept email submissions (with subject heading: "Paper Submission") Please send your manuscript via email of each journal that you can find on the journal page. For example, go to Journals->BIO for BIO journal page. Please note that it is mandatory to a covering letter to the editor.

The covering letter must include the following content:
  • All the authors mutually agree that it should be submitted to the CCAAS journal.
  • The submitting author and corresponding author(s) understand and agree on CCAAS's policies about copyright.
  • This is the original work of the authors and it has not previously published or under consideration of publication elsewhere. It was also not previously submitted to the CCAAS journals.
  • Give a brief description what your work is about and the results
2. After manuscript receipt, the submitting author will receive a short e-mail confirming the receipt.

3. The manuscript will be sent to 2-3 experts in the field for peer review. The manuscript may be screened by the editor before sending out for peer review. Screening includes evaluation as to whether the manuscript is below threshold for the journal, or the presentation or written English is of an unacceptably low standard. We use double-blind system for peer-review. Both reviewers' and authors’ identities remain anonymous. The reviewers’ feedback along with the editor’s feedback will be sent to the corresponding author by email in 2-3 weeks.

4. The authors revise manuscript according to suggestions and comments from reviewers and editor(s), and pay the publication charges: Open Access Charges, which are applied to Open Access Journals BIO, CheM, Global Health and Medicine only), or Process Fees, which are applied to Architectoni.ca Journal only. Please visit Pay Fees for detailed information.

5. Articles will be published online in 2-3 days as they are accepted. All fees must be paid before online publication of full articles (Abstracts mayb be available online in advance of the full articles). In the case that authors do not pay the required fees, we reserve the full right to process their published articles.

6. If you want to order a print issue, please contact the editor for additional information.

7. All published articles are freely accessible on the internet for public viewing worldwide. On a not-for-profit basis, everyone can read, download, and print open-access articles free of cost under the conditions of proper accreditation of the source and original Publisher. All rights reserved. .

8. Print issues will be deposited in Library and Archives Canada and university libraries.

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