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CheM, Online ISSN 1925-699X    Articles Online 1
CheM is an open-access journal that is freely accessible on the internet for public viewing worldwide. On a not-for-profit basis, everyone can read, download, and print open-access articles free of cost under the conditions of proper accreditation of the source and original Publisher. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents: Click on 'Abstract' button to display/hide an abstract; click on 'PDF' to view and download an article. The print issue is availabe now. The free copies were mailed on Feb. 17, 2012 to the qualified authors.

1. Generate Rich Fluorescence in a Simple Polystyrene System through Solvent Removal and Molecular Interactions                                                              °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø*.:。✿*New Discovery
       Alex Kuo

P 1-8

2. A Study on the Luminescence and Energy Transfer of Green-Emitting Ca9Y(PO4)7:Ce3+,Tb3+ Phosphor for Fluorescent Lamp Application                                                                   Original Research
       Chien-Hao Huang, Wei-Ren Liu,* Te-Wen Kuo, and Teng-Ming Chen*

P  9-15

3.  Impact of pH, Dissolved Inorganic Carbon, and Polyphosphates for the Initial Stages of Water Corrosion of Copper Surfaces Investigated by AFM and NEXAFS                                   Original Research
       Brian R. Lewandowski, Kathie L. Lusker, Zorabel M. LeJeune, Darren A. Lytle, Pingheng Zhou, Phillip T. Sprunger,and Jayne C. Garno*

P 16-26

4.  The First Inexpensive, Simplified and Large Scale Synthesis of p-tert-butylcalix[7] and [9]arenes                                                                                                                         Original Research
       Mouna Ferchichi, Erwann Jeanneau, Jean-Claude Sollier, Faouzi Meganem, Ulrich Darbost* and Isabelle Bonnamour*

P 27-35

Supporting Document

5.  A New Model of Polymers in Flow                                                                Original Research
       Dave E. Dunstan

P 36-39

6.  Growth and Energy Transfer of Newly Discovered Fluorescence in Polystyrene Fine Particles                        Original Research
       Alex Kuo

P 40-51

7.  Molecular Tectonics. Use of Br•••aryl Supramolecular Interactions for the construction of Organized Networks from 9,9’-spirobifluorene in the Crystalline State.        Original Research
       Ulrich Darbost *, Janie Cabana , Eric Demers , Thierry Maris* and James D. Wuest*

P 52-61

Supporting Document

8.  Reverse-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Mechanism Explained by Polarization of Stationary Phase        Original Research
       Auréa Andrade-Eiroa*, Tanh Le-Cong, Mai-Lan Nguyen and Philippe Dagaut

P 62-79

9.  Fluorescence Resulting from π-stacking in Polystyrene Solutions         Original Report
       Alex Kuo

P 80-86

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