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Architectoni.ca, Articles Online     2

Online ISSN 1927-7156
This is an open-access issue that is freely accessible on the internet for public viewing worldwide (no subscription required). On a not-for-profit basis, everyone can read, download, distribute and print open-access articles free of cost, under the conditions of proper accreditation of the source and original Publisher. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents: Click on 'Abstract' button to display/hide an abstract; click on 'PDF' to view and download an article.

1.  Incarnations of Paul Celan’s Todesfuge in the Paintings of Anselm Kiefer and Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum, Berlin          Poetry, Art and Architecture
       Stephen Alexander Wischer


2.  Analytical and Experimental Study on a New Stud-type Hysteretic and Visco-elastic Hybrid Damper System          Vibration Control Study
       Hyeong-Gook Kim, Shinta Yoshitomi, Masaaki Tsuji and Izuru Takewaki


3.  From the Redevelopment of High-density Suburban Areas to Sustainable Cities          Intervention Plan
       Andrea Boeri*, and Danila Longo


4.  Perceptual and Visual Void on the Architectural Form: Transparency and Permeability          Void Concept and Examples
       Nilgün Kuloğlu* and Tülay Şamlıoğlu


5.  An Evaluation Framework for Environmentally Sustainable Development of the Historic Cities within the Context of City Squares in Isfahan-Iran         Environmental Sustainability
       Niloufar Vadiati*, and Ali M. S. Kashkooli


6.  Evolution of Cultural Clusters in China: Comparative Study of Beijing and Shanghai          Chinese Culture
       Jun Wang


7.  Transparency and Context: the Design Process of Hans Verplancke          Architect’s House
       Fátima Pombo*, Hans Verplancke, and Hilde Heynen


8.  Architectural Transformations of Residential Buildings in Rural Areas of the Lublin Region          Residential Building
       Jerzy Bański, and Monika Wesołowska


9.  Hospitals Adaption to Principles of Sustainable Architecture          Case Study
       Niousha Behmanesh Rad, Behnam Ghasemzadeh, S. Majid Mofidi, Kasra Rahbaripour, and Masoumeh Yavari Kolour


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