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Architectoni.ca                     Architecture Journal

Editorial Board:
Professor Kenneth Frampton Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University.
Professor Richard M. Sommer The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto.
The Architectoni.ca is a peer-reviewed journal covering a range of subjects in architecture: individual architects, architectural culture and history, education, practices, design theory, technology, everyday building and architectural life. This is a open access journal (World-Open) which allows its readers free access to all published articles and archival content. A non-refundable $138 USD (plus applicable taxes for Canadian clients) processing fee will be charged prior to its online publication after an article is accepted for publication. There are no additional fees applied. The published articles are free to download on a non-commercial base. ISSNs: 1927-7148(print);1927-7156(online). Revised on July 1, 2018.

Current Issue (In Progress)

List of Issues

Please submit your manuscript via email arch@ccaasmag.org.We do not accept online submissions.

Please note, it is mandatory to include a cover letter with each manuscript submission. Since our system allows only one document at a time, please submit cover letter and manuscript separately or submit the cover letter as the first page of the manuscript. The cover letter must include the following content:

  • All the authors mutually agree that it should be submitted to the Architectoni.ca journal.
  • All the authors understand and agree on CCAAS's policies about copyright (click to view the statement in a PDF file).
  • This is the original work of the authors and it has not been previously published. The article has not been submitted to another journal, and will not be submitted to any other journal before the article is officially rejected by CCAAS. The authors agree to pay a non-refundable $138 USD (plus applicable taxes for Canadian Clients) one-time processing fee when the article is accepted for publication.
  • Give a brief description what your work is about.
In the cover letter, you're welcome to suggest two colleagues who may offer further insight into your work.

Here is a copy of Sample Cover Letter to download. Feel free to use it however you please.

Please use your username/email address to inquire about the status of your submission.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Authors All articles should be prepared in MS-Word. You may submit a PDF format manuscript for review process but the final manuscript must be prepared in MS-Word. The manuscript must be in good American English in a length of 3000-8000 words. For other requirements and more information, please check the manuscript preparation template and guideline in either MS-Word format or PDF format in the link below:
    Architecture Paper Preparation Template and Guideline (CCAAS) in MS-Word format and PDF format.
Guidelines for Manuscript Submission and Process Please go to Submit Your Manuscript for details.
List of Issues
Architectoni.ca 4 (World-Open)(Newest)
Architectoni.ca 3 (World-Open)
Architectoni.ca 2 (World-Open)
Architectoni.ca 1 (World-Open)

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